Medical Office Automation Software System

GeboMD is a low cost integrated paperless medical office automation software system powered primarily by a ONC-ATCB 2011/2012 Certified EHR Web-based system from Origin Healthcare Solutions (SSIMED) with an EDI and Back-end Data Hosting facility operated by eHDL.

GeboMD saves you time and money by integrating Electronic Health Records and Practice management to maximize reimbursement, cash flow and compliance.

GeboMD‚Äôs proven and mature PM/EHR system is powered from Origin Healthcare Solutions, which began in 1991 and now serving 3,000 providers. Origin has over 525 employee’s behind its systems and is headquartered in Windsor, Connecticut.

GeboMD, LLC, a physician Extended Business Office (EBO) company that has organized physicians and other medical providers to acquire, host, install, train and support Medical Office Automation Systems.